The Song of the Qui-Chi

Session 2

The song of the Qui-Chi verse 2

Yulmo squats anongst the fen
And ulmo meditates his zen
waiting for the perfect moment
Surprise their unaware opponent

The two rush forth in planned attack
As xitz lets forth a fireball crack
A call goes out for help below
As raider howls from deadly blow

Two guards dispatched to check the source
And caravan still stays on course
Pulling poor slaves back in line
The victims of this awful crime

The archers never stood a chance
From these hunters deadly stance
Their blades and spells did whirl with style
And victory made in short while

A bloodied archer they’d surrounded
nowhere to go the hunters chided
Pushed off the cliff they thought him dead
instead hung on by single thread

Looking at potential capture
Chose to fall instead with rapture
Xitz and nok in tree were watching
Minds-a-racing, plans were hatching

The hunters were then set to task
To use dead bodies as their mask
Until a raider guard nearby dismounting
Was wrath of brave yulmo inviting

Through his pelvis blade did thrust
and raider sprayed his knife with rust
To arms the hunters sprang to life
And cocky raiders were in strife

The first went down to xitz’s spell
And over canyon wall did fell
The second slaughtered like a beast
Was carved up for the evening feast

Using rope the wall absailed
Down to the floor of valley scaled
The grasses thick their bodies hidden
Ahead the caravan had ridden

Through fen and fir the hunters trailed
with skill and luck they would prevail
At break of dawn they would attack
and save their fellows from whip crack

They trod for miles in humid clime
Then caravan to stop did grind
And secret campsite hunters made
So in the shadows they could fade

Nok stewed up a special dinner
Mul brain stew was deemed a winner
Cold and frosty was the night
That even hunters felt the bite

Xitz decided to watch first
Their future he had seen worse
Many trials lay before their band
And visions did his mind command

On Ulmo’s watch he had the feeling
Four cloaked figures stood near watching
They seemed to float and move so free
But looked again and saw just trees

Yulmo sat up like a flash
And on his watch he caught a dash
Of strange tall cloaks approaching near
But beckoning gestures did he fear

Waking jabaar from his slumber
He followed after one of their number
jabaar thought him somewhat strange
but kept him just within his range

yulmo came back sometime later
Through his fingers they’d slipped like water
Though they wanted him to follow
Tricks like that he would not swallow

upon the dawn the group did sneak
into the caravan camp did peak
yulmo and ulmo took position
keeping low to avoid suspicion

Onto the inix yulmo vaulted
A cunning plan he had created
Driving stake into its back
A howl of pain then harness snapped

The inix rumbled like a bolt
Poor trampled halflings not their fault
crodlu breaking out from reins
They would not be back again

Fire and flames became the show
As xitz and yulmo made them know
that halflings aren’t an easy catch
especially when you’re on our patch!

The Ssurrans were with mul allied
And yulmo did their mystic eyed
More guards arrived some bruised and burnt
But still they charged no lesson learned

Surrounded now the hunters might
have to choose to stand or flight
Neither was the easy way
but we shall find out another day…


epileptickitty epileptickitty

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