The Song of the Qui-Chi

Session 3
The song of the Qui-Chi verse 3

Hunters round them foe was closing
Thought the battle were they losing
Then escaped the halfling slaves
And showed the qui-chi they too were brave

The ssurran mystic called out loud
Around his body a summoned shroud
Of silt and sand pulled from the ground
Both friend and foe the spell did wound

Xitz’s scorching fire did race
Around the clearing lizards chase
Causing them to yelp and howl
As his spell did cause them foul

Yulmo was the worst for wear
Faced down by a ssurran pair
Their vicious spears were cause for pain
But he would not go down in vain

Nok chased the inix run amok
On harness howdah back did hop
from there advantaged point it gave
Where halfling tribesmen he could save

The inix still was not controlled
and through the tents like boulder rolled
Guards on crodlu ran away
As halflings chased to make them pay

Overcome the hapless guard
where mounted slaves upon them charged
The hunters had the battle turned
and evil raiders lesson learned

Ulmo through the forest sped
As two mul guards from him had fled
Nearly lost but not just yet
Dropped them both to pay their debt

So in the camp heard halfling cheers
As qui-chi freed their fellow peers
Yochina of their clan stepped their way
With cat-like stealth and beauty bathed

Thanking hunters for lives saved
but path to tread still dangers paved
Their clan to head west to the safe land
Meet with elders and plan our final stand

Explained that raiders came from north east
And no warnings were there of this beast
A caravan of cursed necrotic bone
It tore through trees and flattened home

Resistance failed and brothers slain
they split and made us walk in train
some headed for the temple serpent
But us to jakala were hell bent

The hunters looked now to their own
They had to know was safe their home?
In tent found stone from ssurran seer
And with it contact raider leader

The voice that answered was not pleased
As nok and fellow hunters teased
It asked was this Yisith or not
and nok replied he’s in the pot

And so to the qui-chi camp they flew
Hoping that the worst not true
As closer neared their hearts did sunk
The camp was levelled like tree trunks

Nok and Xitz explored the camp
As ulmo and yulmo scouted out
Tortolas hut was left defiled
Xitz could not help be reviled

Mutamas hut fared much the same
Barbaric raiders were to blame
jabaar had felt his vengence brew
Where raiders were – he’d hack and hew

Then nok had noticed in his wake
A symbol of a skull and snake
Necrotic power from it drew
So quickly counter spell he threw

Just in time enchantment broke
Lest bodies of the dead awoke
But all who lay were put to rest
As nok relieved topass the test

Of the rest they searched around
For secret stashes underground
These the raiders had not found
And then from xitz an awful sound

Defiled dust had swirled and formed
Tortola they cried and hearts were warmed
He was as pleased to see them too
As instructions gave them now to do

Do not be worried for your kin
We headed west to lands within
And so too hunters search the wind
To gain the aid of eladrin

The elves were not a friendly folk
Rarely mingling with our ilk
But their lands must also face these dangers
From evil and barbaric strangers

To xitz a wand for him did hide
Transport to land within provide
For Jakala must now travel
Further mystery unravel

Whilst running through the forest feeling
A presence in their conscience stealing
at fall of night they had arrived
to clearing where the raiders died

As the raider campsite loom
an eerie mist made spirits gloom
the wind it whistled and then spoke
the silence of eladrin broke

They had watched how halflings fared
Knew now that this fate they shared
They would try to lend a hand
But first they must come to their land

Eladrin told were under curse
And their king had fared the worst
These were guards of exiled queen
But was not revealed to what this means

They did not tarry in the camp
But left and ran off from their lamp
They reached jakala by midnight
Always ready for the fight

Three of them remain at rest
As yulmo and ulmo scout the best
Up to jakala followed trail
Above them the twin moons were pale

A scene of devastation lay
Before the two as clear as day
Ulmo heads to village wall
As Yulmo to the gate did crawl

From wall and gate the pair did see
Bodies strewn about like
Then 13 humans seen on height
Gave the two a nervous fright

A flaming pyre sat upon their temple
An unknown sign or devilish ritual
The meaning of these were unsure
So would return to discover more

Session 2
The song of the Qui-Chi verse 2

Yulmo squats anongst the fen
And ulmo meditates his zen
waiting for the perfect moment
Surprise their unaware opponent

The two rush forth in planned attack
As xitz lets forth a fireball crack
A call goes out for help below
As raider howls from deadly blow

Two guards dispatched to check the source
And caravan still stays on course
Pulling poor slaves back in line
The victims of this awful crime

The archers never stood a chance
From these hunters deadly stance
Their blades and spells did whirl with style
And victory made in short while

A bloodied archer they’d surrounded
nowhere to go the hunters chided
Pushed off the cliff they thought him dead
instead hung on by single thread

Looking at potential capture
Chose to fall instead with rapture
Xitz and nok in tree were watching
Minds-a-racing, plans were hatching

The hunters were then set to task
To use dead bodies as their mask
Until a raider guard nearby dismounting
Was wrath of brave yulmo inviting

Through his pelvis blade did thrust
and raider sprayed his knife with rust
To arms the hunters sprang to life
And cocky raiders were in strife

The first went down to xitz’s spell
And over canyon wall did fell
The second slaughtered like a beast
Was carved up for the evening feast

Using rope the wall absailed
Down to the floor of valley scaled
The grasses thick their bodies hidden
Ahead the caravan had ridden

Through fen and fir the hunters trailed
with skill and luck they would prevail
At break of dawn they would attack
and save their fellows from whip crack

They trod for miles in humid clime
Then caravan to stop did grind
And secret campsite hunters made
So in the shadows they could fade

Nok stewed up a special dinner
Mul brain stew was deemed a winner
Cold and frosty was the night
That even hunters felt the bite

Xitz decided to watch first
Their future he had seen worse
Many trials lay before their band
And visions did his mind command

On Ulmo’s watch he had the feeling
Four cloaked figures stood near watching
They seemed to float and move so free
But looked again and saw just trees

Yulmo sat up like a flash
And on his watch he caught a dash
Of strange tall cloaks approaching near
But beckoning gestures did he fear

Waking jabaar from his slumber
He followed after one of their number
jabaar thought him somewhat strange
but kept him just within his range

yulmo came back sometime later
Through his fingers they’d slipped like water
Though they wanted him to follow
Tricks like that he would not swallow

upon the dawn the group did sneak
into the caravan camp did peak
yulmo and ulmo took position
keeping low to avoid suspicion

Onto the inix yulmo vaulted
A cunning plan he had created
Driving stake into its back
A howl of pain then harness snapped

The inix rumbled like a bolt
Poor trampled halflings not their fault
crodlu breaking out from reins
They would not be back again

Fire and flames became the show
As xitz and yulmo made them know
that halflings aren’t an easy catch
especially when you’re on our patch!

The Ssurrans were with mul allied
And yulmo did their mystic eyed
More guards arrived some bruised and burnt
But still they charged no lesson learned

Surrounded now the hunters might
have to choose to stand or flight
Neither was the easy way
but we shall find out another day…

Session 1

Twas the festival of golden sun
and much preparing was to be done
Halfling tribes from miles around
would come pay homage to Jakala’s crown

One such tribe was called qui-chi
And tales of them were sung of victory
Their leader was the wise mutama
Who wished the favour of jakala

The bravest hunters of their land
would be sent out to take by hand
The pelt of the most famous panther
naxis, a sleek elusive creature

The Jakalan king would be impressed
At this – a most prestigious quest
And grant a blessing for the season
that would bathe their blades in crimson

Jabaar led them from the front
full of fire and full of vigour
Above them leaping from the trees
was ulmo, silent as the breeze

Shadowing between the leaves
ulmo the younger crept with ease
Nok came next with goat in tow
commander of a lightning show

Xits the witch doctor was next
With his riddles keeps them vexed
and so the group now was complete
All minds were focused on their beat

Through tree and undergrowth did tread
the careful hunters in their stead
when with eagle eyes yulmo had spied
the flash of Naxis panther hide

The road did split to high and low
And Jabaar knew not where to go
then senses he did outward send
Naxis had slipped around the bend

Chasing down their sacred quarry
ulmo through the trees did flurry
stopping in a darkened clearing
Now was hunted what was hunting

Spinning round and just in time
The panther leapt with claws in line
yulmo lashed and headed groundward
as panther Naxis growled confounded

The wind grew large and whistled song
Steadied nerves and made them strong
Naxis pounced this time at Jabaar
her slashing claws his armour tearing

Jabaar swung and axe bit deeply
Naxis screaming, recovered quickly
Turned with eyes that full of mystery
Yulmo did succumb completely

Yulmo knew not friend from foe
and jabaar looked up to his woe
to see a knife come past his way
but fast reactions saved his day

Nok was maddened by the fray
and thunderous winds he called their way
but as they swirled and cracked and fell
twas all for naught no flash or spell

Xitz consulted bones of fate
his lust for fire he wished to sate
blooming forth a burst of fire
The goat became his funeral pyre

Naxis was a cunning fighter
Her eyes once bright were burning brighter
turned to face jabaar the brave
To turn his mind into her slave

Jabaar resisted all her taunting
Which left her with defences wanting
Ulmo jumped upon her twisting
Dual knives her blood was splashing

Yulmo still placed under trance
His throwing knives strike Nok off-balance
Nok cursed the Yulmo name out loud
This day you’ve done your parents proud!

But yulmo did yet shake the curse
and to the melee prove his worth
Struck down panther once was proud
Now singed and crippled on the ground

As they sunk their weapons deep
Into the earth her blood did seep
And all the forest creatures cried
As mighty panther’s spirit died

Xitz pronounced their task complete
The hunters turned upon their feet
Through thicket green and tallest tree
the heroes carried off with glee

Back through mountain path they clambered
but on their way progress was hampered
Their joyous mood about to change
As below them they saw something strange

In the valley long and green
A caravan of slaves was seen
Skull faced raiders driving reigns
For scores of halflings bound in chains

But upon the bluff a skirmish band
whom ulmo stalks now close at hand
yulmo moves a flank position
How will they fare in this new mission?


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